My girlfriend and I live in an apartment in Oslo, and we share a really small (but cozy) entrance with our neighbors. I noticed the other day that I treat my neighbors differently, based on if they’re just short-term renters, or if they actually live there permanently.

People invest in other people that they see some kind of value in. Being a potential new friend, spouse, business-partner or whatever it might be. The key is that they see a value in building that relationship. The same way people invest their time in people, they sometimes do so with brands. But only when they see some kind of value in it.

That’s why building a community around your brand has never been more important, and the tools have never been more accessible. You need to focus on adding value and building strong relationships with your audience. We, the consumers have thousands of ways to spend our time and money on things every day—give us a reason to spend it on your brand.

Using only advertising to get people’s attention means that you are just renting their attention. On the other hand—if you’re building a community—well, you’re showing your audience that this is long term. You are here to create relationships, not just to take their money.

Just like in my entrance. We invest in what we find the most value in.

Thomas Moen

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