Today I’m extra proud of being a part of the United Bloggers family. Because today we send a strong message to established media companies and other companies that gives and sells traffic.

We have a big story in Dagens Næringsliv today (the biggest business focused newspaper in Norway). The theme of story is that some of our bloggers lost traffic when they left the big established media owned blog networks – but they’ve never made more money or been more happier after the joined our family.

How can this be?

The reason is something I’ve been preaching for a lot of years, and it feels SO good to finally prove it in the way we do today.

There is a big difference between traffic and an audience.

Traffic is people that just happened to be dropping in, an audience shows up to pay attention to you. HUGE difference!

What we work extremely hard to help our bloggers with every single day is building an audience with them. A community or tribe if you like. An army of loyal readers that cheer you on, that grow with you and that knows your values. They trust you.

That’s why the campaigns we do with our customers and bloggers have such a big impact. Because they give such incredible results – because our bloggers have a strong audience.

You can buy all the traffic you want. It’s just like gasoline, how much do you want? What you can’t buy is an audience that trusts you. That have to be earned.

And that is why I’m so proud of what we are doing in United Bloggers. We are on the bloggers side of the table, with fight with them. To help them grow, an further build their audience.

Photo is taken by: Hampus Lundgren


Thomas Moen

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