Every once in a while a popular blogger decides to shut their blog down. «I’m quitting», they say, and all of their readers flood the comments with «rest in peace», «we will miss you» and «OMG noooo! I LOOOVE YOU <3».

A few years ago this meant that the person quitting disappeared from the face of the earth. These days it might actually have a very low impact on the person’s reach and their following.

These days a blogger is not «just a blogger». They’re an influencer with a big audience on many social channels. The talented Norwegian woman, Annette Haga, recently shared that she is going to stop blogging after 8 years, but she still has a large following on Instagram and SnapChat. She still has the opportunity to influence and inspire her audience.


A blog is just a channel and a blogger is just a content creator. Ending your blog does not mean that you will stop creating content. It just means that you’ve matured into other channels and formats. Annette is continuing to create content, just not on her blog.

See my point?

I want you to stop over-thinking where you put your content. I want you to focus on creating great content for the people you want as your audience. The channels and various mediums are going to change all the time, but great content will always have a place to shine.


Thomas Moen

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