The last months there’s been a lot of chatter about the new streaming service Meerkat. I first picked it up when Gary Vaynerchuk invested in it, but this week under SXSW in Austin Texas it’s clear that “everyone” is thinking this is the next big thing.

So what is Meerkat?

Well, to start with it’s a streaming service, via an app on your iPhone. Just like uStream og Livestream. But, the catch is that ones you go offline – the stream disappears. Similar to Snapchat. And that makes people pay more attention than they normally would.

It turns out when people know they can never experience this again (with all the other services you can watch “reruns”) they pay more attention. And they even engage more.

Meerkat is tied closely to Twitter (alto Twitter just bought a competitor and choked off Meerkat’s access) and everything you do in the app is also happening on Twitter. Retweets, likes and replies both shows up on your screen and on Twitter.

As a influencer I would take a look at Meerkat and play around with it. It is still finding it’s form, but people have always been interested in following brands and influencers real time.

What’s your thoughts on Meerkat? Have you played around with it yet?

Thomas Moen

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