I got my first smartphone in 1996. I was 13 years old and felt like the coolest guy on planet Earth. It was a Nokia Communicator 9000 and it was so heavy and clunky that I needed a backpack to carry it with me. A lot has changed, these days I use a Nokia as my dumbphone. I still feel cool though.

What’s a dumb phone? Well, it’s a phone that does only what cellphones used to do. Take and receive calls, and write text messages (one character at a time). No camera, no apps – no internet. Just a phone.

Why on earth would you ever want just a phone?!

  • It frees up time, a lot of time
  • It helps me focus
  • It makes me more present in the moment
  • It makes me a better conversation partner
  • This puppy has  more than 10 days of battery power
  • And it feels good to push physical buttons that make that clicking sound

And that’s just some of the awesome things about it from the top of my head.

I don’t use it everyday, only when I feel the need to disconnect a little bit. Slow things down. I use it for example when I’m with my son, or traveling with my girlfriend. Let me recommend it forr just those days when everyone constantly interrupts you and you just need to focus.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Thomas Moen

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