One of the first apps on the Facebook platform was actually Twitter. It let you synchronize both platforms. So everything you posted on Facebook also got tweeted from your account. And vice versa. I used to love that.

I saved time. It was easy. It was stupid.

Firstly, your audience is different on Facebook and Twitter. Probably completely different people, but at least, with a different mindset.

That’s why you need to create content specific for that channel – what many people call native content.

Let’s say you have a video with an interesting person. You might post that on YouTube and Facebook. Then take 3-4 quotes and create some nice Instagram pictures. You might also use the quotes when you share a link to the video on Twitter, and even write a blogpost with 1-2 main points from that particular interview. Now that’s native content – Created to give maximum impact and shareability on the different platforms.

Sure. It’s more work. But if it’s not worth putting time and energy into. Why even do it?

Make the most out of every little piece of your content. Your audience will cheer you on.


Thomas Moen

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