We don’t know where we get our ideas from. What we do know is that we do not get them from our laptops? – John Cleese


I like to think of myself as a creative person. My whole life I enjoyed creating stuff, expressing myself and learning new things. Building things, exploring new ideas – meeting new people.

I have moments I feel more creative then usual, like I imagine we all have. Moments when ideas just flow trough your body, making your fingers tingle. You just want to drop everything you are doing and start creating.

As John Cleese so smoothly explains in the start of this post, we do not really know why, where and how ideas flows through us like that. It happens in the most random moments, when your mind is elsewhere. When you are not trying, not forcing things trough.

Most my ideas comes to me when Iâ??m out running. I love to run. Your own little world. No distractions, just you.

Other places can be in the shower, our on the tram between work.

Itâ??s when I actually let my mind work, or relax if you like, on itâ??s own, true magic happens. Iâ??m not telling it what to focus on, the amazing little thing inside our head just mindâ??s (hehe) itâ??s own business. THAT is when ideas appear, thatâ??s when you solve that thing youâ??ve been pondering for weeks.

Itâ??s not in front of your laptop, our your cellphone. Not your tablet either. Itâ??s when you get away from your screens for a little while – that is when the stars align and the amazing tingling in your fingers starts.

So close down what ever your device you are reading this on and go outside, get some fresh air and let your brain mind itâ??s own business.

You will be surprised of what it will come up with this time.

Thomas Moen

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