A lot of people ask what I’m doing these day, and how the company is going. So it felt natural to write a blogpost about it. So much has happened since we launched last December. We used to call ourselves United Bloggers in Norway, but with a merger with the app MIKZ and a bigger team. Our vision for the company has grown with it.

We are United Influencers. We provide brands a dedicated audience through people with a loyal and dedicated audience. We are an influencer marketing agency.

We strongly believe that it’s a big difference between traffic and an audience. Where traffic is just people passing by you, and audience shows up specifically to consume the content created.

We work with a few selected influencers in every country we are based, where we represent them and help them on all digital channels.

So far we work with over 200 influencers in Norway and Sweden. From the football player Zlatan, the actor Mikael Persbrandt to the bloggers Viktor Frisk and Lene Orvik. All very different people, but with a strong dedicated audience.

It’s been one hell of a ride so far. And with the incredible team we have in place, we are ready to take this to the next level. And I’ll of course take you guys along this journey.


Thomas Moen

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