If you’ve followed the news the last few weeks you’ve might have picked up on how˛ Twitter is going to change the way its feed works. Rather than keeping the feed chronological, Twitter will filter it. This is a big deal.

I just celebrated my seventh year on Twitter, I’ve spent countless hours, shared over 40k tweets and have an audience of approximately 11k. And now I’m afraid that it’s all going down the drain.

The changes to the feed will mean that the main reason most of us use Twitter, will go away. Sure, I get that it’s because they need more growth and new users who don’t understand Twitter. But, come on! You don’t flush out your loyal users just to get some new friends.

All my days and nights spent on Twitter will be worthless if this changes, because I honestly think it will kill Twitter as we know it.

And all the millions of users and brands who spent time, money and effort on building an audience will quickly have to start over somewhere else. Remember, you’re just renting their attention without a community. And when social media platforms like this make big changes, it highlights the importance of owning the access to your audience and community. Not just live at the mercy of somebody else.

Never forget that.

Thomas Moen

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