Today I want to talk about what I call trust marketing. You might have noticed a common theme in all I write. I think the best marketing is when you focus on building a real relationship with your audience, and offer them your products and services only after your earned it. And you earn that opportunity by giving value, by giving advice and by actually giving a crap about the people you are communicating with.

That is what trust marketing is all about.

Our lives, and news feeds are filled with businesses that don’t care, and don’t really want to talk to their potential customers.

I think this leads to a bad company culture, unhappy customers and is in the long term bad business.

Yes you might trick a lot of people for a short period of time. But in the long run, you will lose.

So remember, if your marketing is not working. It’s your fault.

You’ve probably have not spent enough time earning the right to market to your audience.

Because in this scroll away society, trust is the most important thing we have.







Thomas Moen

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