Over the years I’ve posted hundreds, if not thousands, of thoughts online. Words, blogposts, tweets, checkins, status updates, pictures and videos. I feel really lucky that while sharing I’ve built up an audience of wonderful people how often sends me emails, tweets and messages. That’s the number one reason why I still spend so much time sharing.

A couple of months ago, after blogging about how I like to work (norwegian link), I got an email from one of my readers. He wanted to know more about the tools I use to organize and work everyday. I’ve been and GTD (Getting Things Done) fan for many years, after my friend Morten introduced me to this method. And it’s been a life changer. By having total faith in my system, I’m never afraid of forgetting things.

So. What tools do I use to accomplish this? Actually, it’s just to apps.

I use Evernote for collection everything. My inbox for everything if you like. Here I collect clips from the web, quotes I like, facts, pictures, links. I even take a picture of all the physical mail I get, and all the business cards and archive it in Evernote. I have two inboxes in my life. My e-mail inbox, and Evernote. Everything in Evernote is indexed so I’m able to search for any word in any document or picture. Even the pictures of my whiteboard scribbles show up in search. I never lose anything.

Every day after work I browse through my inbox and add tasks of the things I need to do before the end of the week. And every  friday I go thoroughly through every item in there and process them all.

While Evernote is where I collect everything, Omnifocus (on my mac, iPad and iPhone) is where I organize and decided what I’m going to spend my time on. Personal and business related stuff. I have all my active projects, all my todos and a timeline of when things need to be done.

I make sure that I have only five important things I have to get done every day. To give me the feel of accomplishing things, and after completing these tasks. I select five more. I only view five at a time, and only fridays under my weekly review I view them all – and review them all.

I start every task with a verb, and break them down to as many small tasks as possible. If a task needs more than one task  to be completed – I create a project for it.

By sticking to my system, and being consistent of where I store and how I organize. I have a lovely feeling of always being in control. It’s a powerful thing.

Thomas Moen

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