Who is Thomas Moen?


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Marketer. Business Coach. Influencer. Speaker.

“Everything I learned about marketing I learned in a bar.”

During the years many future CEO’s were studying hard for school exams, Thomas Moen was working in a bar and building his first business. He was only 16 but was making more money than any other server. His customers were so loyal that they would tip him at the beginning of the evening to ensure that they got the experience that Thomas had become known for: the best table in the place, high fives, and never an empty glass. Thomas knew all of his customers by name and knew how to make them feel like the most important people in the room.

This was marketing and Thomas was so good at it he sold his first company by 21. All thanks to the lessons he learned in a dark and damp basement nightclub. Fast forward to now and Thomas has been the CEO of five companies and most recently was
CMO of United Influencers, the biggest social media influencer management agency in Scandinavia.

He is also a sought after keynote speaker and business marketing coach, having been hired by companies like The Red Cross, Elle Magazine, and Aegis Dentsu to educate their employees about marketing in today’s digital world of influencers and constant content consumption.

Thomas is the founder of his own digital school of marketing, Jab Jab Academy, that teaches business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs how to successfully market their businesses online. He has over 500,000 views of his videos on YouTube and Facebook and is known to be one of the most cutting edge digital marketers in the Nordics.

He has deep knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and can give unique insight on topics like influencer marketing, creating content with staying power, generating revenue through social media, and more. His knowledge has helped many international brands and entrepreneurs take their business to the next level and he has spoken to audiences of all sizes.

He is based in Oslo, Norway and enjoys traveling so please contact us for more information and current availability.

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