Something big is happening with online video. Not only are we consuming it more and more (Mark Zuckerberg says 80% of our Facebook feed will be video by next year), but we are consuming it in different ways than we used to. Often it’s vertically – and more often the not, without sound.

Remember that your video most likely is going to be viewed without sound, not only on Facebook – but also on SnapChat.

I see more and more brands starting to text their videos on Facebook, and that’s great! Although more need to start doing exactly that, remember that it’s less about the frame, and more about your content. You really need to make custom content for each platform.

BUT, what I see most people on SnapChat forgetting is that a lot of people are also watching their snaps without sound. Use text and visual cues to tell your story there to make sure your stories make sense even without sound.

In the end, it’s more about the story then the way you tell it – but your story needs to make sense in whichever setting it may be consumed.

Ingeborg Volan recently shared this great example from BBC, that shows the power of storytelling – with no sound needed.

What do you think?

Thomas Moen

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