Video is the most powerful way to talk with your audience. You need to stop thinking that a video is consumed the same way it was last year. Videos rarely is seen from start to end, and the sound is more often than not turned off. Are your videos created to be consumed in the new way?

We got too little time, to much to see, view or listen to. it’s on much content out there, and people are getting picky on what and how the consume it all.

Here are some quick tips that I figured out the last months.

  • Your videos should be under 2 minutes, or over 10 minutes. Everything in between people rarely watches.
  • You should consider texting your videos. Because when people view them in the Facebook feed the sound is usually off.
  • Buzzfeed makes all their videos so that they make as much sense without sound as with sound.

Video is powerful, but you need to think of how and where it’s consumed.

Thomas Moen

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