I’m so fortunate that a part of my job is traveling around, meeting interesting people, and talking at conferences all over Europe.

One of my favorite things is spending some extra time and energy on really getting to know some of the people I meet every time. During my recent trip to the Netherlands (or Holland if you prefer) I met a lot of cool people. Like Dennis and Peter – but this blogpost is about Alex Houg. The 20-year-old-CEO.

The ones that are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. And Alex is one of those guys. Despite his young age he is confident, focused and passionate. He’s the new CEO of Blitzmetrics and he’s got Dennis Yu in his corner for support.

They’re working on this really exciting model where they give young people the chance to get the network and experience to obtain a great career — with our without college.

They think there are some fundamental problems with the education system in the US, and instead of just sitting on their hands doing nothing — they are working hard every day to create change.

That is something I truly find inspiring.

They provide free training and experience with real life clients and get paid at the same time. This is something every young, hungry entrepreneur longs for — and it’s usually impossible to get access to.

I’m really looking forward to following Alex and Blitzmetrics closely in the future.

Thomas Moen

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