I’m so exited about SnapChat these days. I see all our influencers starting to really «get» how they want to create content there for their audience. A lot of our bloggers are starting to get bigger and bigger audiences and more engagement there then through their blogs – very interesting.

One thing that people and brands should do more, though, is to tell their audience on their other channels WHY they should follow them on SnapChat. Since SnapChat is a closed community, it’s only your content and people’s recommendations that actually grow your audience, unless you use your other channels in a more efficient way.

I’m not talking about «Follow me on SnapChat» all the time and everywhere, but simply dropping a hint of what is to come on SnapChat on relevant channels. Here’s an example: ‘going on a trip this weekend’, let your blog audience know that you’re going to share the whole trip via SnapChat and you would love to interact with them there. Or tell your audience on Facebook that you will have a Q&A session on SnapChat in the next few hours and that people can snap you questions.

The important thing here is to give them an incentive to follow you. The stupidest things I see are banners of brands that just show their Facebook URL or the Instagram logo in their marketing. Why should I care? Tell me WHY I should follow. Give me a good reason.

And btw, next week I will be snapping from my travels in Norway and Sweden. So follow me by adding «tornsuits» to your friends or scan the snapcode below. I will be sharing thoughts about marketing and new things I’m learning from building a company with my amazing team.


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