The media has given Norwegian bloggers a bad reputation. The bloggers gave them the pleasure of being right.

I’ve worked closely with bloggers for over 12 years. I’ve seen different phases of how they work, how the media sees them, how they see themselves. It’s been interesting noticing patterns and helping bloggers succeed in every way I can.

For too many years now, the word blog, blogging, being a blogger have been looked down on in Norway. People tend to think of blonde girls writing about stuff no one cares about. That could not be farther from the truth — but unfortunately, not even the bloggers are standing up for themselves.

I did a keynote for all bloggers from United Bloggers in January. My main message: Step up your game. (see it here)

It’s time they start taking themselves seriously. If they don’t, no one will.

Being a blogger that actually makes a living serving their audience is hard work. Creating content that people actually seek and are engaged by is not easy and a skill I have absolute respect for. It’s something most big brands are not able to do.

Anyone can get traffic, but to create an audience is something not many people are able to achieve. And on top of that, to be able to make a living from it…Wow.

So it’s long overdue that these influencers get the respect they deserve. They are the trendsetters of our generation. They set the agenda. They are important people.

But before the people will see them with respect, bloggers need to respect themselves.

So to all bloggers: Keep your chin up. The next time someone asks what you do, answer proudly — I’m a blogger.


Thomas Moen

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