When the Twitter community started using hashtags in 2007, it was to enhance the experience of the service. Using a tag to track a conversation or a topic across the whole platform made it a lot easier to follow – and to be heard. Instagram was introduced 3 years later and used hashtags as well. The big difference was how the Instagram community chose to use it.


On Instagram, it’s not uncommon for someone to throw in 5-6 hashtags on every post. Of course, this is done as a vague attempt to have someone – anyone – from across the network to notice their hashtag and pick up on it. The truth is, it ruins the user experience and doesn’t bring enough traffic to make it worth it.

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I’ve written about this many times, but I can’t say it enough. The most valuable thing you, as a brand or as an influencer, can have is your core audience – the people who engage with your content and add value to the conversation. It’s about them. It’s not about you.

Going all crazy with your hashtags gets very little results in terms of attention, but creates plenty of frustration for your core audience.

Stop doing that.

Hashtags were created for tagging a piece of content to one topic or one conversation, not six. Focus on things that add value for your audience, not that create confusion.


Thomas Moen

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