It’s Friday. You just finished shopping groceries. Because you live in Norway and it’s Friday, it’s taco night. Obviously.. You’re about to unlock the door to your house. A stranger approaches you.

He smiles, opens his backpack and shows you a vacuum cleaner. Says if you buy right now, you will get a 30% discount.

What do you do?

My guess is that you politely decline and go about your evening. Thinking of that guy as weird and kind of creepy. Then forget about him forever.

As you might have guessed already. The same thing goes for selling stuff online.

It’s hard, and more often than not, rude even – to sell to people you don’t have a relationship with.

I strongly believe you have to earn the right to market to people.

You have to give before you take. Add value and people’s life and they will listen to you. Add value over time, and they will trust you.

We don’t like when strangers approach us and intrude our personal space. Not only in real life, but online as well.

So don’t be creepy. Focus on building trust and a relationship first – then offer them your stuff.

Earn the right to market.

Thomas Moen

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