I dropped out of school when I was 17, so I never got a marketing education. I just started doing, and ended up being pretty good at it. Following my gut, always eager to learn.

Three years ago I met Jan-Ove Torsvik, now a close friend. He taught me about this concept called sales funnels. How you could put everything into a system, and that made it easier to measure and understand what works and what to fix with your marketing.

That totally changed the way I looked at a lot of things. And that finally completed my thinking of marketing that turned into my Jab Jab method.

So a sales funnel is just the process of taking your customers from a stranger into a happy customer. But with today’s amazing tools, like using landing pages and Facebook ads, you can easily set something up – and tweak it to work.

Like the Facebook ads webinars funnel I’m currently working on. It’ gone from barely making any profit when I started – to now making me good money. Just setting up the system, and optimizing over time.

The flow goes like this..

  1. Someone watches more than 25% of any of my videos on Facebook
  2. I show them an add for my free webinar (and give them the offer to purchase my Facebook course)
  3. I then retarget them for 4 days with valuable content
  4. I follow up on email for those 4 days for closing the sale
  5. After this they get weekly emails from me (if they buy or not)

This currently converts around 7% of everyone who get into my sales funnel.

My point is this.

I set the logic of this selling system up once. The videos, the ads, the landing pages, the webinar and the emails – was a job to set up. But now that it’s up, it’s up and it’s working. Every week I tweak and test something to make it better.

It surprises me that not more businesses set up a logic like this. A e-commerce store shouldn’t just have a store with all their products, they should have funnels to each product. The same goes for agencies, dentists, car dealers. Heck, most of the businesses out there could benefit from setting thing into a system. And just focus on making their funnel better over time.

I know that a lot of marketers are doing this, but for me it was not before meeting Jan-Ove that I learned and started implementing this. And it totally changed everything.

So that’s what I wanted to share with you today.

Make sure you check out my video about this as well.

Thomas Moen

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