Last year I proposed to my girlfriend, luckily she said yes. And I can’t wait to marry her and grow old together with her. We’ve been together a little over 4 years, and I’ve never had a relationship this strong. I’ve never been this happy.

I’ve spent 4 years building a strong relationship with her. We’ve gone on travels all over the world, we shared so many experiences together. So many conversations, interactions.. So much invested.. In making it all work. Making her see how much I care about her, bringing value and happiness into her life.

The funny thing is. Altho we were in love almost from our first date, all the time we spent building our relationship was key for us deciding to get married.

If I had dropped down on my knees and pledge my eternal love to her on our first date. Well, I think she would have poured her drink in my head – instead of crying happy tears and saying yes.

Same thing goes with marketing. You got to earn the right to market. You got to build a relationship, build trust. Give value.

SO many marketers tries to propose on the first date. It almost never works, and when it works your partners is probably a bit crazy (not necessarily in the good way).

Spend time with your audience, invest in them. Serve them. Show that you care.

Then you will end up happily ever after, just like me with my girl.

Earn the right to market. Always.

Thomas Moen

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