Today the record labels war on illegal downloads of music took a new low. The norwegian student Even (18) shared his frustration with his Twitter followers about iTunes not letting him download the newest album from Dave Matthews Band saying something like: «I’m pissed! iTunes is only allowing downloads of the new Dave Matthews Band album if you live in the US! And they complain about pirating».

Not many minutes after Even’s tweet, Terje Pedersen from Warner Music Norway replied with something like: «Then I suggest you steal it and write about the process in your stupid brat blog. We don’t want you to get upset.».

This shows the record companies lack of understanding for social media and the lack of respect for the costumers.

The norwegian twitter community has already spread the word wide and are using the hashtag #warnerfail.

Screenshot of Even’s tweet:

Screenshot of Terje’s tweet:

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Thomas Moen

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