It seems like everybody are focused on NEW all the time. The content needs to be fresh of the press. Never seen before.. Well, I call bullshit.

The content needs to be relevant, not new. It needs to bring value, not change the world.

A fashion designer. Does it really matter if the picture is taken today or a year ago, as long as it is a picture that creates engagement?

A food blogger. If the recipe is written this week or last month, will the food taste different?

A journalist. The portrait interview of that inspiring entrepreneur, will the story about her inspire less people if it’s old?


Brands and people sit on TONS of amazing content, that they are not even thinking about. Because it’s “old content”.

Customer magazines (printed) from 10 years back? Republish.

Old pictures from your photo album (physically)? Share them on Instagram.

That really awesome blogpost I wrote 4 years ago? Read it again, still good.

See what I’m saying. You can recycle, remix and republish old content.

Great content is still great content, no matter when it was created.


So tell me. What content do YOU have that you can recycle?



Thomas Moen

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