As I write this i’m sitting on the floor, thousands of people walking passed me. I’m jetlagged, hungry, dehydrated and – so inspired! I’m attending SXSW together with 35 000 others.

It’s chaotic. And that’s what I love. I’ve talked to so many cool people. Not only have I met and talked to my biggest heroes like Gary Vaynerchuk, Casey Neistat and Robert Cialdini. But random people in the streets, in the hallways, next to me on in the conference rooms. People who inspire me, give me new perspectives. I love it.

Today I want to share some of the things that have had some sort of impact on me since I arrived. 5 things to be exact.

CEO of Vayner Media – Gary Vaynerchuk about paid distribution of influencer marketing:
“Anytime we have the chance we will pay to amplify the distribution of content. Facebook ads right now is extremely under priced. It blows my mind that brands who have good content on social want to cut it up to a 30 second TV commercial where they over pay on distribution. Everyone have a TV perspective, they think you graduate to TV. I shit on TV commercials.”

Founder of Reddit – Alexis Ohanian about how to make the internet a better place:
“Pseudonymity can be the basis of real communities”

Founder of Vox Media – Joshua Topolsky about to build successful media sites in 2017:
“You can’t make something for everybody. Make something for you. You need to be really specific and figure out who you want as an audience. If you can get an audience that care. That is when you win.”

Founder of RewardStyle – Amber Venz Box about how more brands should use micro-influencers:
“Success has nothing to do with follower amount. People who makes the most on affiliate is those with highest engagement – not the ones with the biggest audiences.”

Professor and author – Robert Cialdini about how to use pre-suasion to accelerate the effect of being persuasive:
“We are too focused on the message, not what happens before. The key is to think about what someone is exposed to before you deliver your message.»

All of the above might be small quotes. But read them a couple of times, let it breathe. So many good points and messages.

Ok, time to log off and grab one of the famous tacos from Austin.

Thomas Moen

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