I’m fascinated by all the exciting innovation Google has accomplished the last few years, one of the coolest things I’ve been anxious to play with is Google Glass. The glasses with a screen above your eye, and Google Now in your head.

It’s not easy to get access to this in Norway. Even Google Norway has only seen and tried them one time, and I heard rumors that Google only have one pair locked down somewhere in Scandinavia. So I had to turn to a good friend in San Francisco to get access to someone who knew an explorer that was willing to sell and ship a pair to me.

After over a week of tracking the package well over 30 times every single day, they finally arrived. And boy was I excited! After taking pictures and videos of my hands for about 10 minutes I decided to install my Google account on them. Doing this in Norway is not a walk in the park. But after using a VPN client on my mac, telling Google I was in California it all went well.

I have now been playing around with them for a little over two weeks, and just sold them to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. Why? Because I was done testing them and it did not feel right having this amazing thing unused in the office and not being used.

Because for now, Google Glass is exactly that. Something you test, play around with – but not something that adds enough value to use on a daily basis. Altho I tried, to my girlfriends frustration.

So what do I think of Glass in Norway?

In my eyes, it’s Google Now and not the Glass itself that is truly powerful. It’s the information when you need it. And that’s why I’m more excited about Android Wear (Google in your watch) then Glass to be honest.

It’s practical to get notifications above your eyesight when you need it, instead of picking up your phone all the time. It’s saves time and keeps you focused.

It’s not local enough yet. I had some cool experiences with it, but naturally it’s not adjusted to the Norwegian market yet.

It’s a really social thing. People come over and want’s to try them on and asks questions. That’s cool.

The price is too high. I love that Google have made over 8000 nerds pay A LOT of money to play with a thing that is not yet ready for the consumer market. But the price would need to go waaaay down before I would consider buying another pair.

Thomas Moen

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