I used to be that guy who sat up all night coding, reading and socializing on the web. I was that kind of guy who could wake up with my nose stuck flat on my keyboard with a slice of pizza and a can of Cola next to me.

I used to be proud that I worked all night. I used to tell everybody that I usually worked 14-16 hours every day and smile. I used to think that with working that many hours I was really efficient and in front of my competitors.

Oh how wrong I was.

Because working 16 hours a day might feel like you are working a lot, but you’re not. If I was lucky I might get 20-30 minutes in a row with efficient work actually done, before I found myself doing something else. I had lot’s of short work moments, I always felt that I was behind and I never felt like I finished anything at all.

Now I work 7-8 hours a day, I get to bed around ten every night and up around six in the morning.

I have never been happier, or more productive.

I realized that sleep is really important, so is having a social life besides work. When you fill your life with only work, you’ll soon forget why you are actually working – or why finishing the current task really matters. You lose sight of the big picture.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I’m really passionate about all I do there. But with focusing more on what I do after work as well, and actually fill my time with people and experiences after work, I enjoy my job and time at the office even more. I get more energy and I feel more refreshed.

When you mix actually having a social life with getting to bed early, and getting enough sleep – you have the perfect combination. The perfect balance.

I get more work done, because I have less distractions and am more focused. I enjoy it more. I never would have thought that working half will make my work twice as good, but it does.

Thomas Moen

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