A few months ago I encouraged brands to jump on the SnapChat wagon. The attention you get on there is unlike any other, you have the users full attention! Today I put my money where my mouth is and decided to see how much money we could make on SnapChat in one car ride.

I had the pleasure of attending United Bloggers kick-off at a beautiful mountain resort this weekend, and on the drive back me and my girlfriend drove with the blogger Anette-Marie Antonsen.

She is already doing SnapChat in a big way and her stories always get over 5k views. We talked about how she felt more connected than ever with her audience and that she saw a huge potential for growth in 2015.

I suggested we should try to see if she could get people from just watching her snaps, to actually give her money. We created a product out of her most recent fitness project where you would get exclusive content and access if you paid 199,- NOK.

I created the landingpage and sat up a Stripe-account in around 20 minutes, and we where ready.

We started by sending a couple of videos telling people that something was about to happen, and that they needed to get ready to be a part of something really cool. We then told them briefly about the product that we had created and then.. just one single snap with the link to the landingpage.

2015-01-11 21.27.06

Then we waited.. it took 3 minutes, 4 minutes.. b00m! 6 minutes later we had our first sale!

We quickly shared our victory with her audience, who continued to cheer us on.

And for every mile we drove, the sales just kept on coming in. And before we reached Oslo we’d made over 5000 NOK.


I think the main thing about how this worked is the attention you get from your audience, the relationship you build when you share your life consistently over a long period of time. Also we took the time to tell them what was about to happen. That mixed with something of value they actually would find interesting was a killer. Anette-Marie also blogged about this, and is now continuing to spread her new born product around in her network.

Any thoughts? And please share this with people that would find this interesting!

Thomas Moen

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