I couple of weeks ago I wrote an essay about automation, and that it made me loose touch with Twitter. The feedback’s been good on that piece, and it got me thinking further about how I communicate and what type of content I put out these days.

When I started creating content, now over 12 years ago, it was very personal. I loved that. And I’m realising now that I never felt more close to my audience as I did then. I’m still personal some places online, mostly my letters, but my blog especially have become gradually less personal. I’ve skipped the contex of why I’m sharing what I’m doing, and my feelings around it – and just jumped into lists and short bursts of thoughts. It was easier, and it got more views.

But it also made me loose the tight connection I had with my audience. Something I’m just realising, and that honestly makes me sad. For me having a close relationship to my audience is the most important thing. I would rather have 10 close readers, then 1000 random ones.

The last 14 days I’ve created a video daily from my life, a vlog of some sorts. I forced myself to become personal again. It’s been loads of fun, and also sparks my creativity in ways I have not felt in many years. It’s really exiting!

So it’s time to get my blog back to what it meant for me and my audience back in the days. I’m going to try to create more personal content again. Not relationship advice or what I’m eating for breakfast, not that personal. But more of the stuff that’s in my head at any given time. Not just stuff designed to further my personal brand, but stuff I think you as the reader would appreciate.

More REAL content, less click baits and quick fixes. Great content needs to be spent time on, and it needs to mean something for me – and for you.

Like this great piece from a girl called Nicole Eddy about her recent trip to Zambia. Talk about putting your heart and soul into every word. Very inspiring to read!

So yeah, let’s see where this goes?!

Thomas Moen

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