A lot of people I talk to find it frustrating that they are only able to stream live to Facebook via their phone. A few months ago Facebook actually opened up their live platform so that you can stream from your computer as well. And I will show you how.

According to Facebook people watch live videos 3 times longer than if it was pre-recorded. I’ve experienced the same type of engagement when I stream from my page.

Streaming from your computer will also able you to share your screen, show pre-recorded clips and add effects to your live videos.

So here is how you do it:

  1. Download and install the app OBS studio
  2. On your Facebook page go to Publishing settings – Video – and push the button top right called live
  3. Open the OBS studio app, and click + on scenes, add a scene and click + on capture – choose «Video capture device» and choose your webcam there
  4. Click settings – streams – stream type: custom streaming service
  5. Go back to Facebook and copy and paste the URL and Stream key into OBS and click OK
  6. Click start streaming, and go back to your Facebook page
  7. Click next – and fill in the info – and click go live
  8. You are live on Facebook!
  9. After finished first quit on Facebook, then go into OBS and stop stream and quit app

If you have any questions, let me know on this Facebook post and I will help you.

Thomas Moen

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