Over the last years I’ve almost stopped using traditional websites all together. Instead I focus on creating very simple landing pages, who always ends up making more money than a traditional website.

Let me explain the difference between a website and a landing page (while playing with my new Apple Pencil).

Also check out my video on this topic.

Most people refer to a website as a homepage. Your business or brand’s home on the internet. Where you have a lot of information as about pages, articles, contact info, team info and product info. That makes you have a lot of choices as a visitor to where to go, and what to do.

A landing page is different. Because it’s designed to do just one thing. Converting them into a lead, or a customer. No distractions, no external links. Just one mission – getting someone to do what you want.

This leads to better conversions, better control and better measurement of success. I recommend Leadpages as your landing page software – it’s really easy to get started and work with. And also let’s you A/B test more easily.

Thomas Moen

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