After working daily with marketing for over 15 years, and with now hundreds of brands you pick up a thing or two. You see what works and what doesn’t work, both from what you are doing yourself and what the industry is doing. 

In essens it’s a methodology where you base your marketing on trust and relationships. Where you give more then you take, and where you earn the right to serve your audience.

I do this by not asking directly for the sale when I market, but over a period of time I give the audience the opportunity to consume a lot of valuable content. That teaches them something, that inspires them and make the feel something.

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Only after they passed several milestones consuming the value content do I ask them for a sale, a conversion or a signup.

The results always blows me away..

By giving a damn about your audience, marketing get’s a lot more effective – and a lot cheaper.

Give give, then ask. Just as Gary Vaynerchuk would have said it.


Thomas Moen

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