Someone once told me that this is a famous quote that people who study marketing is told to be true.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

John Wanamaker said that, he died in 1922. I like to believe that we’ve made some progress since then. But on a daily basis I see people do what I call “hope marketing”.

You put out content and hope that someone will notice you. Hope they will visit your website and somehow magically will buy your stuff.

With information and offer overload in today’s society, you’re lucky if a stranger even spends a few seconds on anything you create or sell. It’s hard.

You have to earn the right to market these days. You have to realise that “doing social media” and “doing content marketing” just isn’t enough anymore.

I’m not saying that social media or content marketing is bad. I’m just saying that this is just a small part of turning a stranger into a customer.

First they need to notice you, then they have to pay attention to you. After they pay attention you need to make them trust you, and make them realise that what you have to offer will solve a problem they have.

If your marketing isn’t working as you expected, or if you think it’s normal not to know what parts of your marketing is working or not. Make sure you are not doing these mistakes in the future.

  • You’re not actively making connections with people (via advertising or having conversations).
  • You’re not consistent with your message, personality, offer or tone of voice.
  • You are just talking about yourself on social media and in your content marketing (remember, it’s about them – not about you).
  • You’re not communicating across devices and platforms.
  • You are not using multiple types of media in your communication (Video, text, sound and images)
  • You don’t focus on giving value, and earning the right to market to your audience.

Remember. The purpose of marketing is to build relationships with your audience, make them trust you and serve them in the best way possible. That’s how you turn them into loyal customers.

Thomas Moen

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