I noticed that I’m using less and less time on checking my social feeds the last 12 months. I might scroll fast trough my news feed on Facebook 1-2 times a day – but not 10-12 times like I did earlier. This weekend I’m so lucky that I have my son visiting – which naturally, makes the evenings after his bed time more quiet then usual.

Because of that I’ve had the time to actually scroll trough my feeds to see what my connections are sharing, and not to my surprise it’s not very good quality content. It’s not really personal, and it’s not a lot of stuff that makes me feel or think anything. If we look at brands, it’s even worse – and that is what inspired me to write to you today.

You see, brands often forget who they post their stuff for – and why.

For me, a social presence is for building stronger relationships with people that already like you. It surprises me that most brands are more busy about buying themselves friends and tricking them to like things – instead of actually trying to build better relationships.

A “like if you miss the summer” status update does not count as valuable, not for the brand, the one liking it OR their friends. It’s actually more annoying then valuable. The same goes for “amazing offer, only today” posts. Please stop.

Tell stories, create connections – make your followers your heroes in your stories.

Also, stop giving away lot’s of stupid prices. iPads, GoPro’s and fucking Vespas. C’mon!! Don’t buy friends, make friends! The profile pictures behind the likes on your page are actual people, talk to them in that way.

Make them feel special. Inspire them, challenge them – create unique experiences with them. Create a movement, a cause.

Brands should focus on their values in social, not their products. There is plenty of spaces they can interrupt us to tell them about their products – but not a lot of places you can actually talk about and more importantly – SHOW your values as a brand.

In the end it’s not stuff, but experiences that matters. That’s what people remember, that is what build relationships. Not asking them meaningless questions, or giving them an iPad because the answered a stupid question. But creating an experience with them.

Thomas Moen

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