In Norway, people are still thinking of kids sending naughty pictures to each other when SnapChat is mentioned. I think that is about to change.

The developers have been hard at work with SnapChat the last 12 months and it’s changing swiftly how brands can take part in the short video/picture revolution. Because that’s what it is. More and more people are using SnapChat as their main way of communicating with their friends and interesting people..

Via the feature called “stories”, brands are able to tell stories and connect with their community in an extremely personal and up-close manner. It is making their relationship strong and their audience loyal.

Brands like Music Angel have already engaged thousands of people in Norway. Even NRK P3 (One of Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s main channels) is delivering news directly to their target group via SnapChat. Both brands are seeing great success.

I might also mention SnapChat’s newly launched SnapCash where you can transfer money via SnapChat, providing the possibility of purchasing a wider reach for your stories. This is just in the US for now.

My advice would be to take a look at SnapChat. It’s a really interesting and fast-growing network with high engagement.

Thomas Moen

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