I attend to many meetings these days, I’m trying to prioritize as much as possible – but still too many meetings to have time to work and think. In these meetings interesting people from different places in life often share ideas, or try to inspire us to work with them.

Last Tuesday I had 13 half hour meetings in one day, and on my way home I realized I’ve started to make a big mistake in most meetings. To push things forward and to be as efficient as possible I say «I get it» to much.

«Yeah I get it, next slide», «Yes read that book, I get what you mean», «Yeah I met that person before, I get it». I stopped going deep and did not invest enough focus on what the person actually tried to communicate to me.

To get a persons point is not the same as understand someones point or thought.

When you get it you just find a category to place it. Based on something you have seen or heard before. But as Seth Godin have said.

«The best experiences and the biggest ideas don’t fit into a category. They change it. They don’t get filed away, they transform us.»

So the last few days I’ve focused on not getting things right away, not rushing. But investing time and focus to actually understand what this person are trying to communicate to me – and to find out if that is something that would add value to both parties.

Get it?

Thomas Moen

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