Video consumption is growing faster than anything else online right now. Mark Zuckerberg told us last year that our social feeds will be filled with video. We can already now see that he was right.

The majority of the content in the social media feeds is now video.

Snapchat, Instagram, twitter and Facebook to mention — all focus on video.

Live or on demand. Short or long. It’s video that is clearly the future.

We see influencers and brands build their audience via video. Video is a powerful thing.

But.. there is something different about watching a video today, then just 12 months ago.

We consume it differently. Over 85 percent of all video content is watched without the sound on.

So most of the videos.. Are watched without any sound. Total silence.

People watch mainly on their phone. On their way to work, in the bathroom, on their lunch break. In their bed. Places where it’s not appropriate to use sound.

It’s no longer enough just to create a video with amazing music, voice over or sound effects. To be able to have any effect today, you need to let the video tell a story. With or without the sound on.

Texting your videos is just a bare minimum. I think people who creates videos should take it even further.

I think when editing, you should edit the video completely without sound first. Then add sound after you are happy with the soundless video.

This is a big shift, and if you want to have an impact on more than 15% of the people who watches your content. Then you need to master storytelling without sound.

Thomas Moen

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