I’ve been really lucky to work with content creators for over a decade. Last week I met with one really talented blogger that I’ve known for 5 years now. We had an interesting discussion about frame vs content.

When most people start a blog, they’re extremely focused on the design of the blog. The layout, colours, widgets, sidebars, boxes and plugins. They feel they can’t publish a single post before the blog is just.. perfect.

This way of thinking is like starting on the opposite side of what matters – of what will determine if your content attracts an audience. And it is even less important then just a few years ago.

Look at Instagram, you don’t decide the frame of your content. Instagram has successfully created its vision of an optimal experience of viewing pictures on mobile. You just control the content. SnapChat is the same, it’s not even a frame – just your content filling the whole screen.


I view a blog in exactly the same way. Right now 70% of the people who visit United Influencers are experiencing the content via a handheld device. 70%! That’s crazy. And most of the bloggers I know are viewing their blog via their desktop computer. In my experience, bloggers are just too focused on the desktop experience.

We see Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News and Google’s AMP in the same way. They are all stripping away the frame and just presenting the core content. This is the future, my friends.

And I truly believe when you stop thinking so much about the frame you’re creating content for and focus more on delivering great content to your audience, your content will get better and where you put it will come more natural to you.

Hint: It’s not always about getting people to your website.

Remember – The people who create the best content and at the same time really focus on their audience, win….not the people with the nicest frame.


Thomas Moen

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