It’s been a long day, you’ve been yawning for a couple of hours, but you’ve felt like it was too early to got to bed. Finally you surrendered and listened to your body, you’re heading to bed.

You brush your teeth, wash your face and walk through your apartment to check if everything is locked and ready for the night. You open the door to your son’s room and glance in, smiling and feeling happy. Tired but happy.

You then take off your clothes, too tired to put them nicely away – so they end up in a pile. You then jump in to your nice, comfy, bed and you’re getting ready to sleep. You almost have a zen like moment, before you reach for your phone and quickly check your email and social networks.

The zen moment is gone. Brian from work wants a quick feedback on some documents, your sister is complaining that you never visit anymore, e-bay wants you to buy some stuff you don’t need and an old school mate says hello on Facebook chat.

You could have closed your eyes, enjoying that zen moment – but you reached for your phone.

Now your head is filled with stuff that you don’t really need or should, be thinking about. You were supposed to have a good night’s sleep, waking up refreshed. Instead you’re dreaming about Brian in a t-shirt from e-bay joining you and your sister for the weekend.

You set the stage of what your mind is focused on when your close your eyes. So make sure you end the day in balance – not stressed.

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