Jeff Walker was the man who got me to take email marketing serious. After subscribing to his newsletters, and seeing how he gave me real value in almost every email. Sending them consistently every week. I saw the effect it had on me, as it made me purchase a $2500 product from him.

I knew that a lot of e-commerce sites had this as their main revenue source as well. But I did not learn how to properly do this before I started experimenting with my own newsletters, the one you are reading now.

That is almost 4 years and 15 000 subscribers ago.

Now I usually start with the email marketing when we start working with new clients. Because it’s essential for any business to generate sales, build loyalty and give value via emails today.

So today I thought I would share how I use email to build relationships with my list. I’ve split this into several steps.

First a short summary

People get on my list in different ways. Usually from signing up for one of my lead magnets (videos, PDF’s or webinars) or from my website. After sending them what they asked for (via an automated sequence) I have 3–5 emails where I build authority, social proof and liking. After that I put them on my weekly emails with value content that builds reciprocation. Depending on what they click on in my emails I will tag them, give them a lead score and sometimes put them into special email sequences to give them a offer or give extra value.

Ok, and for those who are extra interested. Here is things in more detail.

First of all, I use Drip as my email software. I’ve tested them all, Drip is what works best for me.

Getting people into my list

At any given time I have 2–3 ads with different lead magnets to set target groups, I use the Jab Jab method for that. I can spend money on ads, because I know how much an email will generate over the next 12 months in revenue. In addition I have a signup form below every article I write, and a popup that gives people the option to sign up for my 3-Step formula.

Tags, segments and custom fields

When people are signing up I only focus on getting their first name and email, although I rarely use their first name in my emails. In addition I have a custom field that tells me where they signed up, what products they have bought, and how much revenue I made so far. Another thing I’m doing is tagging people’s interest based on what they click in my emails. So I know if people are interested in email marketing or Facebook for example. I also tag country when I get the opportunity.


Unless you sign up directly to my newsletter you have 3–5 days of daily emails delivering on whatever lead magnet was signed up for. After that put them into my onboarding process. This is where I send emails like my interview with Seth Godin, my best articles etc. This goes on every other day for 4 emails. After that they are put into my weekly email flow, but giving them minimum 5 days of no emails from me before that. So it does not feel too spammy.

Side note: I am constantly tweaking the amount of emails and how many days between. Still trying to figure out the perfect combo.


As I tag people based on what they click in the emails or what they are signing up for via lead magnets I also lead score them. Meaning I give them points based on activity and what they are clicking.

When someone hit a certain lead score with the right tags I send them some automated emails that will give more value on that, to make them a even hotter lead.

Side note: I’m also experimenting with sending people who hit a certain score a sales focused email, but have not yet perfected this. So not sure I want to recommend that.


I have many email sequences pre-written. Sending people the same type of emails give me data to understand what emails work and which does not. Examples of these can be post or pre webinar emails, the onboarding emails, surveys or thank you for purchasing emails.

All these are triggered via automation when certain actions are met. On my websites, or in the emails.

Value content

The last and most important thing. My weekly emails. Been doing this for 4 years now. Every sunday I send out an email where I try to give value on topics I’m passionate about. Usually I include a link to a video I shoot, or to an article.

This is to train people to click links when they get my emails, so that the few times a year I do sell something — they know what to do.

I have a publishing plan and are usually 5–6 weeks in front of these emails. And it also helps me see the big picture of what I’m communicating.

And that’s it. Would love to know how you are using email today, and what you think of how I’m using emails. Did you learn something, does it make sense. See something I can improve. Leave me a comment 🙂

Thomas Moen

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