I’m watching the influencer of the world trying to find their format within SnapChat. It is still the fastest growing social network – but still so full of restrictions (which I love).

It’s hard to adjust your message to a new format. And a lot of people just tend to rebroadcast the same way they do in every channels (see native content).

This leads to content that feels kind of misplaced and in my opinion does not leave as much value as it could.

I don’t want snaps that feels like Instagram pictures without the filter. I want real stuff, i want you to get creative. I want you to tell me stories.

And that’s what snapchat calls it Stories. Not random glimpse, but start to end stories. Through the day.

So think about what story you are telling on SnapChat, instead of just giving random glimpses. In my opinion, and what others tell me, it’s just not as valuable as having a plan, a message and a start to end story.

For example I would like you to check out CaseyNeistat on SnapChat. He tells stories in an engaging way.


Thomas Moen

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