The Norwegian bank DNB is well-known in the local marketing industry as on of the best in their class. Today they’re launching another excellent example on how content marketing can be great for your brand.

Just like John Deere did in 1985 with the worlds first customer magazine. DNB are creating content to help their audience with something – without asking for something in return.

DNB’s target group? Everyone with the dream of starting their own company and working for themselves. In my opinion on of the biggest growing markets out there.

And they’re not building everything around digital (alltho it’s a big part of it of course), they’ve chosen a really old school approach. They made a book, a physical book! And they are giving it away for free!

Of course it’s not the book itself that is the genius move here, all tho I love that they made a book. But they now have a mission. They are taking people on a journey. Helping everyone achieve their startup dream.

Missions needs stories, stories needs content. And DNB got it all. Well played.

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Thomas Moen

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