I love when people go “all the way” when they do something. It’s easy to spot when someone is truly passionate about what they create, and the first content marketing campaign for the website Like a Boss is a good example on how great content create results.

The website is one of the main sponsors of the now world famous rally driver Andreas Bakkerud. And instead of just giving him some money for support, and attending some events they decided that the best way both them and Andreas could get the most out of their relationship is to take the time and effort to tell his story to the world.

The result is a documentary lifts Andreas and his team to another level. Like a boss did not focus on promoting themselves, but Andreas. A smart decision. After putting the videos live on their site it immediately start spreading around in the rallycross community, and created a lot of attention and pride on Andreas and his amazing team.

The videos is professionally edited, the story is good and you can see that it’s made with passion. Kudos.

See all the videos here.

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Thomas Moen

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