I don’t like walking through crowded streets, especially shopping streets. There is always someone desperately trying to scare me into buying something I don’t want. You know the type, street salespeople – “hustlers”. They are intrusive and rude.

Online we see too many brands do the same thing. Acting like crazy, creepy salespeople.

A man I really respect and listen to is Chris Brogan. I don’t remember the exact time or place he mentioned this. But he said something along these lines, “First you create content, then you build a community around it – and then you are able to market to them”.

It’s a perfect way to describe it. You’ve got to the earn the right to sell to your audience. But it happens after you serve your audience, create amazing content and engage with them. That’s when you can start to market.

Too many brands just jump to the marketplace. And they make me feel like I’m walking down a busy street – with hawkers all around trying to sell me stuff I don’t need.


Thomas Moen

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