Thomas Anglero about AI and trust

Thomas Anglero is the head of Innovation at IBM here in Norway, and is one of the highest rated and smartest speakers we have in Norway at the moment. I sat down with him and talked about how automation and artificial intelligence would work in a world where trust is the strongest currency.     […]

Read Post / June 2, 2018

Dennis Yu about the future of Facebook advertising

I had the honour of having Dennis Yu on stage at our Jab Jab Marketing Conference. Dennis is one of the best Facebook marketers in the world, and in this interview we talked about the future of Facebook. After Cambridge Analytica, #deletefacebook and all the negative media coverage – is Facebook still the best place […]

Read Post / May 25, 2018

Ezra Firestone about the future of marketing

Ezra Firestone is one of the best marketers of this decade. I talk to Ezra about how he sees the future of marketing, and how businesses can get the most out of their advertising dollars.   Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos.  

Read Post / May 14, 2018

22% growth after changing from like to trust

Anne-Marie Faiola, the CEO of Bramble Berry changed her marketing strategy from getting people to like them, to getting people to trust them. That created a growth of 22% in her already successfull business.      

Read Post / May 14, 2018

Russel Brunson on how to work with landing pages and Facebook ads

I was recently attending the Traffic and Conversion Summit, and I got the pleasure of meeting Russel Brunson. One of the legends in the traffic and conversion industry. He’s the founder ofDotComSecrets and Clickfunnels, he also runs the highly popular PodCast “Marketing in your Car“. In this interview Russel shares his thoughts on why landingpages work, where […]

Read Post / March 14, 2015

Fremtidens PR? Intervju med Kristofer “Dojan” Björkman

Seriegründeren som kalles Dojan blant venner er en person som alltid har fasinert meg. Jeg hadde gleden av å møte han i en hyggelig park i Stockholm hvor vi pratet løst og fast om karriere, livet, det å være gründer og hvordan få balanse i hverdagen. Dojan beskriver seg selv slik: Founder of Co-founder […]

Read Post / January 5, 2015

Interview with Josh Grau from Twitter

I met with Josh at Gulltaggen, we talk about how to use Twitter as a marketing platform, and he told us that you don’t need a big team to create success stories. Make sure to check out my other interviews as well.

Read Post / January 4, 2015