Here are an unsorted list, that I will update from time to time, of things I want to experience before I die.

  • Roadtrip in the US with good friends
    Cab, motels, american diners, and a backyard in Louisiana.
  • My own tailored suit
    Sharp, tight – Daniel Craig style.
  • My own apartment with a sea-view
    Sitting in my newly cleaned apt. with a whisky sour enjoying the with – all in silence and inner calm.
  • A week in New York
    Local party in a penthouse-flat, sit in a park and just watch the world walk by and eat delicious food from food-trucks.
  • Crazy days in Las Vegas
    Casinos, limousines and stripclubs.
  • Explore San Fransisco
    Visit Silicon Valley, go hiking and run along the beach.
  • Lazy days in the Maldives
    Swim in the blue water, romantic walks, and reading books on the beach.
  • Travel alone for 1 month
    No technology, no phone. Just me, a backpack and wherever the road leads.
  • Visit Italia
    Go for morning runs, wine, pizza, local food and local experiences.
  • Learn how to rock the dancefloor
    I want to be able to walk produdly on the dancefloor and enjoy myself without thinking about how I look.
  • Share an idea worth spreading on TED
    I would love to take the stage on TED, and also get to know all the interesting people that attend TED every year.
  • Hiking in New Zealand
    Explore the beautiful nature!
  • Publish a book not related to marketing
  • Climb Kilimanjaro
  • Run a marathon
  • Eat steaks in Buenos Aires
  • Stay at the Ace Hotel in NYC
  • Visit the befautiful Cherry blossoming in Japan (YOSHINOYAMA, YOSHINO)

Thomas Moen

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