Many bloggers and publishers focus a lot (and sometimes too much) on generating as much traffic to their website as possible. Every Instagram photo, tweet or Facebook post is about asking their audience to visit their site. This is an old way of thinking and will hurt you more in the long-run than help you grow your audience.


It’s called social networks for a reason. Not all activities should have the goal of taking your audience away from what they’re doing and into your website. Most people that scroll through their Instagram feed would like to continue doing just that after they like your picture. They don’t want to click your name, find the link in your bio and visit your site.

Don’t waste people’s time and don’t overestimate the value you provide them.

Sometimes the best way to serve your audience is to just give them the beautiful picture you took on Instagram, without asking for something in return – or upload a video to your Facebook page, without making them click something at the end.

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Instead of just focusing on your site, you should start creating great content, tailor-made to the different social channels your audience is using on a daily basis.

A great example of this is Vox Media on SnapChat Discovery. They really understand how to create native content and tell stories on the terms of the platforms they’re using.

Remember, it’s not about you – it’s about your audience.


Thomas Moen

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