A company of one

Today is the last day as an employee in United Influencers. Tomorrow is my first day as a company of one. I’m still going to work with UI on their journey to become the world’s best influencer marketing agency. But as a freelancer and partner, not as an employee. Ever since I sold my first […]

Read Post / November 9, 2017

Trust marketing

Today I want to talk about what I call trust marketing. You might have noticed a common theme in all I write. I think the best marketing is when you focus on building a real relationship with your audience, and offer them your products and services only after your earned it. And you earn that opportunity […]

Read Post / September 4, 2017

How I do my email marketing right now

Jeff Walker was the man who got me to take email marketing serious. After subscribing to his newsletters, and seeing how he gave me real value in almost every email. Sending them consistently every week. I saw the effect it had on me, as it made me purchase a $2500 product from him. I knew […]

Read Post / July 8, 2017

Your own marketing system – what is a sales funnel?

I dropped out of school when I was 17, so I never got a marketing education. I just started doing, and ended up being pretty good at it. Following my gut, always eager to learn. Three years ago I met Jan-Ove Torsvik, now a close friend. He taught me about this concept called sales funnels. […]

Read Post / June 24, 2017

11 things I think every business should do, today

I spend most of my time talking to businesses, influencers and entrepreneurs about how they can grow. It’s the best part of my job, I learn so much from it – and I hope those who I talk to learn something as well. I noticed that I give out a lot of the same advice […]

Read Post / June 18, 2017

The difference between a landing page or homepage

Over the last years I’ve almost stopped using traditional websites all together. Instead I focus on creating very simple landing pages, who always ends up making more money than a traditional website. Let me explain the difference between a website and a landing page (while playing with my new Apple Pencil). Also check out my […]

Read Post / June 11, 2017

The 6 principles of influence

My favourite book was published in 1982, one year before I was born. I love it so much that I have printed out the key point from the book, and keep it always in eyes sight on my desk. A while back I also had the pleasure of having a face to face conversation with […]

Read Post / May 14, 2017

It’s not for everyone, it’s for you (thoughts from SXSW)

As I write this i’m sitting on the floor, thousands of people walking passed me. I’m jetlagged, hungry, dehydrated and – so inspired! I’m attending SXSW together with 35 000 others. It’s chaotic. And that’s what I love. I’ve talked to so many cool people. Not only have I met and talked to my biggest […]

Read Post / March 12, 2017

Dear stranger, please buy my stuff

It’s Friday. You just finished shopping groceries. Because you live in Norway and it’s Friday, it’s taco night. Obviously.. You’re about to unlock the door to your house. A stranger approaches you. He smiles, opens his backpack and shows you a vacuum cleaner. Says if you buy right now, you will get a 30% discount. […]

Read Post / March 8, 2017

Don’t forget that old content still might be GREAT content

It seems like everybody are focused on NEW all the time. The content needs to be fresh of the press. Never seen before.. Well, I call bullshit. The content needs to be relevant, not new. It needs to bring value, not change the world. A fashion designer. Does it really matter if the picture is […]

Read Post / March 5, 2017