Thomas Anglero about AI and trust

Thomas Anglero is the head of Innovation at IBM here in Norway, and is one of the highest rated and smartest speakers we have in Norway at the moment. I sat down with him and talked about how automation and artificial intelligence would work in a world where trust is the strongest currency.     […]

Read Post / June 2, 2018

Dennis Yu about the future of Facebook advertising

I had the honour of having Dennis Yu on stage at our Jab Jab Marketing Conference. Dennis is one of the best Facebook marketers in the world, and in this interview we talked about the future of Facebook. After Cambridge Analytica, #deletefacebook and all the negative media coverage – is Facebook still the best place […]

Read Post / May 25, 2018

Ezra Firestone about the future of marketing

Ezra Firestone is one of the best marketers of this decade. I talk to Ezra about how he sees the future of marketing, and how businesses can get the most out of their advertising dollars.   Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos.  

Read Post / May 14, 2018

22% growth after changing from like to trust

Anne-Marie Faiola, the CEO of Bramble Berry changed her marketing strategy from getting people to like them, to getting people to trust them. That created a growth of 22% in her already successfull business.      

Read Post / May 14, 2018

A lead magnet is only meant to be a conversation starter

I’m here at Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego, and the opening keynote where from Ryan Deiss – the CEO of Digital Marketer. He made a great point. A lead magnet, mostly used to make people buy a small product from you, is best used to spark a conversation with your audience. And then […]

Read Post / February 27, 2018

100 videos and 74 subscribers

Imagine you spent over 3 hours creating videos. Putting your heart and soul into it, and after several months and publishing over 100 videos on YouTube – you got 74 subscribers. Would you continue to create, and keep on working harder? Or would you find something else to focus on? Marques is now one of […]

Read Post / February 10, 2018

A company of one

Today is the last day as an employee in United Influencers. Tomorrow is my first day as a company of one. I’m still going to work with UI on their journey to become the world’s best influencer marketing agency. But as a freelancer and partner, not as an employee. Ever since I sold my first […]

Read Post / November 9, 2017

Trust marketing

Today I want to talk about what I call trust marketing. You might have noticed a common theme in all I write. I think the best marketing is when you focus on building a real relationship with your audience, and offer them your products and services only after your earned it. And you earn that opportunity […]

Read Post / September 4, 2017

How I do my email marketing right now

Jeff Walker was the man who got me to take email marketing serious. After subscribing to his newsletters, and seeing how he gave me real value in almost every email. Sending them consistently every week. I saw the effect it had on me, as it made me purchase a $2500 product from him. I knew […]

Read Post / July 8, 2017

Your own marketing system – what is a sales funnel?

I dropped out of school when I was 17, so I never got a marketing education. I just started doing, and ended up being pretty good at it. Following my gut, always eager to learn. Three years ago I met Jan-Ove Torsvik, now a close friend. He taught me about this concept called sales funnels. […]

Read Post / June 24, 2017