When you’re good at something, the last thing you should do is to get comfortable.

Looking back, my career so far looks kind of awesome. I’ve worked hard, but at the same time I’ve been lucky. I’ve followed my gut — and a lot of people would describe me as a successful guy. And that made me lazy.

Because when I take the stage to do a public speaking gig, I’m comfortable. I’ve done it hundreds of times. I know how to capture my audience. I know which of my stories will make them smile, sad or get them pumped up. This made me settle. I’ve stopped being as prepared as I ought to be, because I knew people would be satisfied.

But no more. I realized that this was slowly making me lose my edge.. I needed to get back into shape — I needed to take things from 100% to 150%.

So I started making new presentations from scratch. I started writing scripts and rehearsed many times per day for a week before I took to the stage. And wow. What a reward I got. The feedback went from good to great. My clients told me they were blown away. And as for myself, I was proud of the work I was delivering again.

I found my passion for storytelling again, and for inspiring brands to tell better stories.

I wish I hadn’t gotten comfortable a while back, but I’m glad I found my energy again. You should never settle for good — you should always work harder to make sure you are always over-delivering to whomever crosses your path.

For your customers, audience and most importantly — for yourself.

Thomas Moen

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