Too many marketers in Norway treat their profession as they where vacuum cleaner salesmen, when they should act more like priests.

Working with marketing is about making more money, and increasing sales. It has always been that way, but they way you create results has changed drastically through the years. People change, adjust to their tricks, they’re starting to get immune to cheap sales points and the word “NEW”.

Vacuum cleaner salesmen made their living by disturbing people. Interrupting you in your everyday. Tricking themselves in your door and pushing for a sale. Most people don’t like vacuum cleaner salesmen anymore.

A priest. Well, he serves his community. He get’s them together, help them make new connections and friends. Gives them advice and inspire them to help him grow their community. Once in a while he asks for help, and his community is more than happy to contribute — but mostly he is there to serve to them. Give value. This leads to a long-term relationship, where he’s included in small and big happenings in his audience life.

A salesmen convince you that you have needs you don’t. He’s seducing you. A priest on the other hand, he listen to your needs and responds from that.

And that is exactly what marketers in 2014 should act like as well. Because that’s what builds relationships, loyalty and gives value for both the marketer and his audience.

Thomas Moen

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